¬†We are super proud of our camping area – you’ll be able to get yourself a spacious pitch you can call home if you stay at The Baa. This area is wide and open, allowing you glorious views and (hopefully) lots of sunshine! If you need a shadier spot, e.g. if you like a picnic shielded from the sun, there’s lots of cooler areas surrounding the field.

Drinking Water

Need to hydrate? Aside from our wonderful drinks menu, we also provide drinking water. You can ask one of our friendly bar staff to fill your bottle, or top up at the drinking water tap near the showers. You can also use our dishwashing area if you’re camping and need to get your cutlery and crockery sparkling clean!


Step into the lap of outdoor luxury with our exceptional showers. Whether you’re rejuvenating after a night of camping under the stars, or seeking a refreshing post-boogie cleanse, our showers promise to leave you feeling absolutely fantastic. The generous space in each hand-built wooden shower stall ensures not only your personal comfort but also allows you to effortlessly assist your little ones in their showering routines. Unwind, refresh, and make every moment in the great outdoors a delightful experience.


Possibly the most eco-friendly lavatory you’ll ever use, these glorious handcrafted thrones are located close to the big tent for your convenience. There’s no need to wait for someone to use the hand-dryer – out in the wild you’re safely covered by the noise of groovy beats or calling birds. How soothing!

Fuel and Sundries

You can purchase safe fire equipment and fuel from the tent bar, and food and drinks will be available there, too! But if you’re looking for our nearest petrol station or shop for toiletries, top ups and sundries, we’d recommend:
Petrol: Esso Garage, approx 15 minute drive away
Sundries: Coombe Bissett Stores and Post Office, approx 4 minute drive away

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